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Custom Auto Gauges offers the following services for your GM Vehicle:
For 2003-2007 GM Gauge Clusters
  • Full Rebuilds
  • Faulty Gauge Repair
  • Inconsistent Speedometer
  • Inconsistent or No Power
  • Dim Display
  • Sticking Gauges
  • Parasitic Draw Causing Battery to Drain
  • Wrong Language Displayed
  • Incorrect Speedometer Mileage
For 2008-2013 GM Gauge Clusters
  • Shift Indicator Display Repair
  • Information Display Repair

We repair these brands:


What if I’m not local?

Don’t worry! We service GM customers nationwide! Just ship us your cluster. We’ll repair it in 24 hours of receipt and shipped back to you the following day. You are able to still drive your vehicle while you are without your gauge cluster.

How It Works

Our GM Gauge Repair process is fast, affordable, and guaranteed!

Remove your cluster (or hire someone to do this for you)

If you are local to us, we can provide cluster removal for you at our location for FREE! If you are shipping your cluster to us and are not confident in removing it yourself, we recommend hiring someone near you to remove it.

Are you a local repair? Schedule your repair on our calendar

Book a time for an in person repair on our calendar. Your repair should take about an hour. 

Click HERE to book your appointment

If you are not local, fill out our online order form (Form is available HERE)

Our simple form helps us stay organized on your gauge repair order and ensure a quick repair. Once you fill out the form you will be given instructions on how to mail your cluster to us.

Pack your gauge cluster.

Our order form will walk you through the necessary steps to ship us your gauge cluster.

Include payment in your package

Include payment in your shipped cluster. We accept cashier’s check, money order, cash, and Apple Pay or the Cash App is available by request. For local repairs you can simply bring payment along with your cluster for your appointment.


We’ll repair in approximately 24 hours of receipt and ship right back to you! (If you are local, you can pick it up as soon as completed)

Our team will review your order and begin to repair your instrument cluster. Once completed we will prepare for shipping. You should receive your cluster in about 2-3 business days from repair.

Why Custom Auto Gauges?

Our ONLY area of focus is working on GM vehicles, specifically from 2003-2013. Our team handles gauge cluster repair for your Chevy, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, and any other GM model. We know how frustrating it can be when something like this happens in your vehicle. You just want it fixed. Perhaps you have gone to a local dealer who wants to charge an arm and a leg for your gm cluster repair. We hear it every day how they can’t believe we charge what we do, we guarantee our work for a lifetime, AND we give full rebuild kits the option of upgraded LED colors for no additional charge! Our reviews speak for themselves. Customers across the entire country trust Custom Auto Gauges for their cluster repair and you should too!

Need to Talk to us?

If you have questions about placing your order please call us at the number below.

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Recent Work

A recent gauge cluster diagnosis


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Fast shipping and gauge works perfectly! The free LED upgrade was an awesome surprise. I was concerned shipping my cluster across the country, but Custom Auto Gauges communicated with me the whole time and I got it back fast!
Best experience!!! Paul had me in and out the door in an hour. Fixed for a fraction of the dealership costs. Absolute straight shooting no BS service. My cluster is bright and clean and the gauges are exactly where they belong. I accidentally overpaid him by $5 and he slapped it right back in my hand.
Would absolutely recommend!!!! Our speedometer stopped working and the lights for PRNDL didn’t work when we got the truck. Now everything works and it’s BLUE!!!! Super friendly, fast and professional!!! We live 2 hours away and will definitely take that drive again for any other issues!!!! Thank you Custom Auto Gauges!!!