About Custom Auto Gauges

GM Cluster Repair

Our commitment to excellence is why we offer a lifetime guarantee on our GM gauge repairs!

Custom Auto Gauges was founded in 2000. We are veteran owned and operated with a military electronics background and degree. We started back in 1985 building hospital equipment and wiring harnesses for hospitals all across America out of Grants Pass Oregon.

We relocated to the Columbus, Ohio area region in 1999 and started working for a lot of car dealerships and private individuals. To this day we still have those contracts as well as local and federal law enforcement vehicle repairs to electronic wiring and speedometer repair.

We have extensive knowledge in printed circuitry, microchip technology, as well as blue print and “green board design”.

You can rest assured, at Custom Auto Gauges we know our stuff when it comes to GM vehicles. Our lifetime guarantee and affordable pricing has created a loyal customer base and we hope we can have you be a part of the Custom Auto Gauge experience as well!”

GM Instrument Cluster Repair

Our phone rings every day with another customer telling us a story about how they just couldn’t find anyone to properly repair their cluster near them. We understand how stressful it can be dealing with this inconvenience. Maybe you’ve never had the need for GM gauge repair before and the thought of shipping it and being without it makes you want to punch your steering wheel. At Custom Auto Gauges we are here to take the stress away! Our commitment to you is an elite level of professional care and a level of efficiency that will make your problems seem like a distant memory. Our unmatched repair process is not heard of in this industry and we pride ourselves on being the home of the free LED upgrade (for 03-07 vehicles)!

About Our Process

Every cluster we receive goes through a 40 point inspection regardless of the reason it was sent to us. Once we test and confirm the issues you are having, our team carefully disassembles your cluster. We will also remove the stepper motors and lighting to be replaced and guaranteed by Custom Auto Gauges for life. We rework and solder all of the joints. Our team then will recalibrate all your gauges and needles. A test is conducted on all mechanics to ensure that functionality is 100% as it should be. We clean the face and body of your cluster at no additional charge and then reassemble to be shipped back to you!

If you or someone else has previously attempted to repair your gauge cluster, please contact us before placing order as this may impact our ability to properly repair your issue. If we receive a cluster that cannot be repaired due to previous attempts, there will still be a $65 inspection fee assessed.

if you ship us your cluster and we are unable to repair it due to previous attempts you will still be responsible for shipping expense. if you have any questions just call us at 740-407-6488!
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