Our repair services for 2003-2013 GM vehicles include the following
For 2003-2007 GM Gauge Clusters

Gauge Repair

  • Full Rebuilds
  • Faulty Gauge Repair
  • Inconsistent Speedometer
  • Inconsistent or No Power
  • Dim Display
  • Sticking Gauges
  • Parasitic Draw Causing Battery to Drain
  • Wrong Language Displayed
  • Incorrect Speedometer Mileage
*Free LED Lighting upgrades available on 2003-2007 GM clusters
For 2008-2013 GM Gauge Clusters

Shift Indicator Display Repair

Information Display Repair

Optional LED upgrade for 2008-2013 GM clusters (blue, red) $250

Did you know that using us for your GM gauge repair services will not slow you down at all? You can still drive your vehicle while we have your gauge cluster. We strongly recommend downloading a free speedometer app while driving your vehicle. Check out more info and commonly asked questions at our FAQ page!

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